The World of Chaos is a series of dark fantasy novels that follow Lindsey Lewis, a tragic heroine who is trying to run from her destiny as a bringer of death. At first, everything seems to be so coincidental as her enemies try to subdue or kill her, but as Lindsey discovers an extraordinary power within herself, she comes to the realization there is no running from one's destiny.

Follow Lindsey's rise, fall, and eventual redemption as she learns of her powers, accepts her role in things to come, embraces her powers a little too much, and then fights to redeem herself. While the World of Chaos is dark fantasy, the books cover a multitude of genres including romance, action, suspense, and horror. Join Lindsey on her journey and watch the events unfold for yourself!

World of Chaos: Power - The Book of Shadows

World of Chaos: Power
The Book of Shadows

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